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Related Projects

Renewing the Countryside is a proud partner in several other projects that specifically work with women-identifying people for support and education.  Check these out!


Wisconsin Women in Conservation

A statewide initiative bringing together women committed to conservation and land stewardship and each other, thanks to support from Wisconsin NRCS.

WFAN Stewardship Ambassadors

RTC is the Wisconsin partner in a NRCS CIG project led by the Women, Food & Agriculture Network/WFAN to create a trained team of women to share and speak on their inspiring conservation stories. Alicia Gasaway, Michelle Harrigan and Heather Lynch are the Soil Sisters serving as current Stewardship Ambassadors.

Farm Labor Dashboard

This University of Vermont led project supports farmers in a portfolio of tools and strategies to help small and medium-sized produce and diversified livestock farms make informed labor decisions.  RTC helps lead Learning Circles bringing together women farmers for peer-intensive learning to share strategies and connect on labor and staffing topics.


The connections we're making are just the starting point for a healthier, vibrant future.

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