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Soil Sisters creates learning tools based on a collaborative learning model. By gathering and collecting stories and ideas from a wide diversity of women successfully creating and living their rural based lifestyle, Soil Sisters has created a unique toolbox of practical resources reflecting insight and learning from women who have been there.


Amplify Our Voices

Connecting Organic Women Farmers with the Media

Amplify Our Voices is a free Toolkit for women farmers to effectively connect and communicate with the media, particularly related to organics. Topics covered include telling your farm story and communicating to specific media such as print and radio. Thanks to Organic Valley’s Farmers Advocating for Organics Fund/FAFO for their support in this new initiative.

This toolkit celebrates women’s unique communication strengths. It provides advice and perspectives from female communications experts, farmers and others promoting a diversity of voices that value family farms, local food, and healthy soils.  

In it you will find ideas and inspiration on how to effectively champion your unique story to promote your farm business while moving the collaborative organic message forward.

Network-Building Toolkit

Soil Sisters' roots in building connections between women (ideally outside) around a table sharing a potluck meal!  If you live near (or want to move to) an area where we have an existing network, please reach out!  All women-identifying welcome — whether you are farming, gardening, homesteading or especially if you are a newcomer interested in these topics.  

Interested in starting something in your area? Our networking toolkit will give you some starter ideas — and please contact Renewing the Countryside ( for next steps on calling it a Soil Sisters group. 

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Come & Get It

What You Need to Know to Serve Food on Your Farm

This is a RTC-produced Toolkit with resources that support farmers interested in potentially adding food service to their offerings. 


While not a women-specific project, it is indeed women who are driving the growth of on-farm food events like Pizza Farms, providing the opportunity to diversify farm income through events that enable the public to engage in unique, on-farm experiences.


Check out the case studies in the Toolkit of all women-farmer led businesses sharing their experiences and advice in such start-ups.


Research supports that women learn best by sharing our stories and experiences with each other.

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